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As the leading Newcastle Physiotherapy provider, we strive to push beyond the boundaries of traditional physiotherapy in order to adequately prepare you for returning to activity. At releaf physio we blend performance training with rehabilitation techniques to provide a service that is innovative and unrivaled.

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David C
David C
I hurt my shoulder when I slipped on the ice just before Christmas 2022. I expected it would get better quickly, but it didn't - it was very painful to raise my arm beyond the horizontal. Important travel plans took me out of the country just after New Year so it was mid-February before I could seek professional help. I was delighted to be able to see Brian at Releaf Physio (Benton): he examined my shoulder very thoroughly and diagnosed a partial tear of the tendon of the supraspinatus muscle (he explained this to me with some excellent computerised drawings). Over the last 4 months he's seen me 4 more times and given me a series of graded strengthening exercises to do at home, explaining them carefully and providing an app to help guide me through them. On each visit he also massaged my shoulder to help free up its movement. He's always been very encouraging, which has helped me to carry on putting in the effort with the exercises at home. So it's taken a while but normal strength has now returned to my shoulder and I can even reach up to trim my long, high garden hedge with manual shears with hardly any discomfort. Because it's so much better I'm not planning any more appointments but Brian is happy to see me again if necessary. I recommend him strongly, he clearly knows his job very well indeed and has an excellent "bedside manner" to go along with it.
Michael Bradley
Michael Bradley
Being using Brian at the Benton clinic for a while now great service very knowledgeable. Highly recommend very friendly and approachable keep up the good work
Sam Scott
Sam Scott
Highly Recommended. Brian presently treating me for a long term shoulder issue. Within few weeks have already seen an great improvement. Brian's attention to detail and understanding of problem were excellent as are the online tailor made exercise video to do at home.
Michael Tang
Michael Tang
Saw Brian around October 2021 for chronic lower back pain relating to crossfit and tennis. Had back pain for about 4 years + Sleeping was painful, waking up in the morning I could barely bend over to out trousers on without sitting on the edge of the bed for about 2 mins. I am 35 and pretty fit so having all this was annoying and making me not want to do any exercise. Now after monthly physio sessions, a progressive physiotherapy plan that was done almost every single day, I am now pain free, doing crossfit again and playing tennis without much concern. Overall treatment was for 5 months, and i am now just maintaining it to prevent injury. Can’t recommend this guy enough!
Aditya Vijay
Aditya Vijay
Mr Brian Lillis was super! Understood the situation very well, and helped in creating a whole plan in making sure my lower back pain would subsidies as soon as possible. - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Phillip Webster
Phillip Webster
Went for an hour of deep tissue sports therapy. Very pleasant, easy enough to get booked in and very reasonably priced. Done a great job. Will definitely use again.
Max Sansom
Max Sansom
I went to see Robert yesterday as I have been suffering with lower back pain for weeks now and it’s the best thing I’ve done. Robert was excellent from start to finish. Immensely knowledgeable and a credit to Releaf Physio. I will be a very regular customer and I’d recommend anyone to Robert.
Stephen Cooper
Stephen Cooper
Best physiotherapy I’ve ever had. Professional, hugely knowledgeable - Brian was superb.
JAYNE Calvert
JAYNE Calvert
Had my initial assessment on Saturday for my shoulder. Brian was friendly and very knowledgeable. My shoulder felt better and I was sent an email with videos of the exercises I need to do at home plus the reassurance I can message him at any time. Definitely going to go back for a review. Brilliant service thank you
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A Team of Experienced Therapists You Can Trust

Releaf Physio is a private physiotherapy & sports injury clinic based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. We provide a well-rounded approach to health and wellness, delivering the most advanced techniques to help you resolve your injury in the quickest time possible.

We understand the importance of living a pain free lifestyle, returning to sport or work as soon as possible and we know what it takes to get you there.

Our therapists have extensive experience working with various people and conditions, from athletes recovering from intense training or sports injury to individuals seeking relief from shoulder pain or post-surgery rehabilitation. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to guide you towards optimal health.

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How it works



Physiotherapy will help people improve their physical health, mobility, and overall wellbeing.


Shockwave works by delivering low-energy sound waves, targeted to specific damaged tissues.


This Hydrotherapy therapy service is designed to reduce muscle tension, improve circulation and reduce stress in athletes and active individuals.

Sports Injury Clinic
sports injury clinic

At Releaf Physiotherapy, our sports injury clinic serves athletes at all levels. Our skilled physiotherapists offer tailored treatment plans to help you excel and return to an active lifestyle.


Massage aims to improve circulation, reduce stress, encourage mobility and speed up recovery.


Tecar Therapy distributes high frequency electromagnetic energy into the desired tissue to promote healing.


This is when fine needles are inserted at certain sites in the body for therapeutic or preventative purposes.

Sports Injury

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Advanced Techniques & Tools for Accelerated Recovery

Releaf Physiotherapy goes beyond traditional physiotherapy services by offering cutting-edge exercise recovery services designed to speed up healing. Our therapists utilise innovative tools and techniques such as shockwave, tecar, acupuncture / dry needling, electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), kinesio-tape and cupping therapy to accelerate recovery and optimise your performance. These are the same tools professional athletes rely on to recover faster and maintain elite performance levels.

Personalised & Professional Care

At Releaf Physiotherapy, you'll never feel like "just another patient". We pride ourselves on providing personalised and professional care, ensuring that each client feels valued and supported throughout their recovery journey. Our therapists take the time to listen, understand your goals, and customise treatment plans to help you achieve them.

Pushing the Boundaries of Traditional Physiotherapy

We recognise that returning to activity after an injury can be challenging and often risky. That's why we push the boundaries of traditional physiotherapy by focusing on functional rehabilitation, corrective exercise, manual therapy, and performance-based sport-specific movements. This innovative approach helps to prepare you for a safe and successful return to your chosen sport or activity, reducing the risk of re-injury.

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