Physiotherapy Insurance

Health Insurance

  • Therapists consulting at Releaf Physiotherapy are recognised by all major health insurers (see list below)

  • Insured patients MUST bring insurance policy numbers and authorisation numbers to the clinic at their first visit

  • Patients must always confirm the terms of their policy with their insurer before coming to their first appointment as the timing and method of referral must comply with the insurer’s policy

  • Releaf Physiotherapy cannot be held responsible for the non-payment of claims and patients should note that they are ultimately responsible for payment of their accounts

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Accepted Billing

We accept direct billing from the following :

Please note: when calling these insurers, our clinic title is Releaf Physiotherapy at The Exchange, Front St, Benton, Newcastle Upon Tyne NE7 7XE.

We highly recommend you contact your insurer prior to your first visit to see if we are recognised with your specific health plan.

Medical insurance cards on the calculator. Health care costs con


We accept cash, cheque and all debit & credit cards. Fees are payable on the day and receipts are issued to claim back from eligible insurance policies.

Some insurers may issue you with a pre-authorisation numbers for treatment with us. If claiming insurance, please inform us of your provider details and pre-authorisation code so we can prepare your insurance claim as soon as possible for you.


Debts which remain outstanding for 2 months after the appointment date will be passed to a debt collector and any costs incurred must be met by the patients. A 40% surcharge will be added to the outstanding debt to cover administrative costs.
I have read and understand the above cancellation and DNA policy and I am aware that I am ultimately responsible for paying any cancellation fee and DNA fee that I may occur with Releaf Physiotherapy Ltd.

Medical insurance cards on the calculator. Health care costs con