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First Visit

First Visit To Clinic

Before Your First Visit:

Make a list of any questions that you have, to make the best use of your time with your physiotherapist.

Write down any symptoms that you’ve been having and for how long. If you have more than one symptom, begin with the one that is the most concerning to you.

  • Better or worse with certain activities or movements or with certain positions, such as sitting or standing?

  • More noticeable at certain times of day?

  • Relieved or made worse by resting?

Write down key information about your medical history.

  • Make a list of all prescription and over-the-counter medications that you are taking.

  • Make a note of any important personal information, including any recent stressful events, injuries, incidents, or environmental factors that you believe might have contributed to your condition.

  • If applicable, bring any diagnostic, or medical reports from other health care professionals that may be related to your medical history.

Your First Visit:

Arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled time of your first visit.

Read the clinics policy information in waiting area.

Wear loose fitting clothes and comfortable footwear.

Privacy Policy 

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