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Joint Manipulation

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Joint Manipulation

What Is It?

Joint Manipulative involves specific positioning of the patient's body and a specific movement (direction, magnitude of force and amplitude) by the practitioner. In the spine, manipulative therapy most directly affects the facet joints, which are synovial joints that allow our spine to move in all three planes of motion (sagittal, frontal & transverse).

How Does It Work

The facet joints are often thought to be a source of pain and often respond quite well to various forms of joint mobilization & manipulation. What you should know, however, is that the popping sound you hear when having your joint manipulated is nothing more than a pressure change in the joint(s), similar to popping the joints of your hands.


Most research indicates that joint manipulation can:

  • Improve ROM

  • Decrease Pain 

  • Improve Function 

However most of these benefits have been found to be short term. With that being said used in conjunction with exercise therapy joint manipulation can be extremely useful adjunct to treatment.

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