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Targeted Radiofrequency Therapy 

tecar therapy

Targeted Radiofrequency Therapy 

What Is It?

Targeted Radiofrequency Therapy (TR-Therapy) or Tecar Therapy distributes high frequency electromagnetic energy into the desired tissue which leads to selective tissue hyperthermy. 

TR Therapy is an electromagnetic energy technology that promotes faster functional recovery.


The key benefits of TR Therapy are:

  • Non-invasive current stimulates the body’s natural repair mechanisms, promoting cellular exchange

  • Accelerates the natural healing mechanisms of the body, thereby reducing recovery time.

  • In combination with the therapist’s manual approach, it offers excellent rehabilitation results thanks to fast recovery of muscle and joint functions

The Method 

tecar machine

TR-Therapy transfers radiofrequency energy through tissue using either capacitive or resistive applicator. Capacitive mode is used to treat superficial structures, such as skin and muscles. Resistive way of application treats deep structures, such as deep muscles, tendons and bones.


Due to natural resistivity of the body to radiofrequency energy, TR-Therapy creates pleasant selective healing that spreads through the body. TR-Therapy brings not only scientifically proven medical effects but also a great feeling of being relaxed.

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