3 Reasons You Should Visit a Sports Injury Clinic !

If you play sport professionally you are automatically exposed to the importance of taking care of your body through regular stretching and strengthening. Our bodies are machines that need to be regularly serviced similar to a car and failure to do so increases one’s risk of injury or in the case of a vehicle breaking down.

Whether you are an avid fitness enthusiast or a weekend warrior these 4 reasons for why you should visit a sports injury clinic are a must read!!

(1) Boost your Athletic Performance

Sports physiotherapists are trained in improving performance through integrating sports specific exercises into clients rehab or exercise programs. Releaf Physio have trained therapists with experience dealing with professional athletes in various disciplines across Newcastle Upon Tyne. Ours sports injury clinic specialises in the irregular, we treat the body as whole to identify a seemingly unrelated part of the body that winds up having a huge impact on your athletic ability. Releaf physio understands that each sport and each player requires specifically tailored treatment. At our Sports Injury Clinic in Newcastle we know how to resolve your injury while improving your athletic performance in the quickest time possible.

(2) Reduce your risk of injury

Injuries are never good and some can prevent you from participating in your favourite hobby or pastime. It is widely known that exercise which incorporates movement patterns and target specific muscle group can reduce your likelihood of sustaining an injury. For example, there are multiple studies to suggest that glute weakness has a direct correlation with lower limb injuries in running athletes. Therefore understanding the demands of a given sport or activity and working on prevention exercises can reduce ones risk of injury. At Releaf Physio we make our clients aware of these risks and work closely with them to highlight problem areas and reduce their risk of a sports injury.

(3) Instil Confidence

What is better than feeling confident in your ability to perform? Knowing that you are moving, playing and performing at your optimal. Releaf Physio believe that the psychology aspect of competing in a sport or activity is as equally important as the physiological. We are confident that our team of therapists can instil new found confidence in your ability to perform. When you are surrounded by a great team this allows you to flourish in your given sport. We have years of experience dealing with clients for multiple disciplines and all walks of life. Our sports injury clinic in Newcastle has a fully equipped gym which allows us to rehabilitate the most complex of sports injuries in quick succession.

If you have any question regarding physiotherapy or visiting or sports injury clinic in Newcastle please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Go to www.releafphysio.com for more information on our services and what we offer.

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