According to an SOS International study, during the 2015-2016 holiday, doctors and nurses assisted more than 1,700 ski vacationers in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland .

◾ What they found was that the knee was the most affected part of the body and accounted for nearly double of all injuries sustained to the lower half of the body and a bit higher than a third of all injuries. ◾ A bit of good statistical news is that head injury, while being a hot frontier issue, declined. The data shows that only 5% of injuries that season were head related. ◾This might be due to an increased usage of helmets ⛑️, but as we have discovered in other SnowBrains articles on head trauma, conflicting evidence supports that helmets may not be as effective as we think. Also, it is hard to quantify head injuries as sometimes concussions are very hard to diagnose. 📚 Statistics on Skiing Injuries 2015 Based on Claims Data from SOS. Website . 12/19/2016.

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