Strengthening Exercises to Prevent Hamstring Injury

🔑 Strength training is a valuable component of hamstring strain injury prevention❗️


1️⃣ Stiff leg deadlifts @ 60%BW were shown to recruit more activation from the muscle and therefore could be viewed as the most beneficial exercise to combat hamstring injuries. . The above study helps to provides an evidence-base from which to prescribe strengthening exercises to mitigate the risk of hamstring injury. . ☝️With that being said when looking to undergo exercise(s) you should always take into account your functional ability, the demands of your chosen activity, your overall goal(s) etc.. . 📒 Bourne MN, et al. 2018. An Evidence-Based Framework for Strengthening Exercises to Prevent Hamstring Injury. Sports Med. 48(2):251-267 🏋🏻‍♀️

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